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Why use a podcast booking agent?

A podcast booking agency helps get you booked as a guest on podcasts that your audience listens to, so you can grow awareness in your product, personal brand, or company.

Once people come to know you as a reliable and informative guest, the exposure gives you more connections and more interviews. It also brings you to the door of public speaking. Someone who’s impressed with a podcast you featured in, can reach out to you to come to speak to his/her audience in a similar manner. Subsequently, your network grows even better.

Great podcast agencies help you: Build trust, by bringing value to your ideal audience on shows they already listen to.

The only podcast booking agent you need

What the Podcast Agent will do?

First, they start by meeting you and understanding what your messages is and what you want to get out of being a podcast guest. Don't worry if you haven't landed fully on these as the agent can help craft these in collaboration with you. They then start researching podcasts that are in line with what you do and arrange a list of potential hosts. Then they start pitching, selling you in the best ways possible. When a host is found, they arrange for an interview. The ball is then in your court to attend the interview and confirm all the selling points they used in promoting you the host.

The agent then continues with following up the host and keeping you in-touch with any developments that may arise including publishing dates,

When the interview is over, they can present you with the recording so you can use it on your website if any, or on your social media platforms to market yourself further.

So that’s basically how it works with a podcast booking agent. It’s stress-free, conserves time, conserves resources and helps to be an essential part of your marketing mix.

It’s a profitable investment for your career and business because becoming a podcast guest gives you the needed exposure and also sets you apart as a leading personality in your field. A podcast booking agent can help you achieve this faster. This way, you can generate more leads and be renowned for your mastery.

If you are ready to start appearing on podcasts, then reach out to Boom Podcast Agency at and check out our services HERE.

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