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I'm Vanessa Murphy, the founder of Boom Podcast Agency and the proud host of two podcasts. 

I arrived into the podcasting world in 2021 as a result of a very long lockdown in Melbourne (where I live).  Craving connection, fun and thought leadership I set up my Women In Confidence podcast and this year I launched the Conversations about Company Culture podcast.  I am now totally hooked on podcasting - creating and listening and generally hanging out with other podcasters.  Being a podcast guest is one of the best marketing tools there is and I am so excited to help you build your brand.

Prior to running Boom, I've had a varied career - my first proper job was as an Officer in the Royal Navy and since then I've done several in-house HR and Culture roles and I've been an Executive Coach, Independent HR Consultant and a Facilitator.


My vision for Boom is to be a bespoke service, providing you with the easiest and most enjoyable way to reach the audiences you want.  I don't cater for the masses of potential podcast guests; I prefer quality over quantity.  So during your time with Boom, I will spend lots of time getting to know you so I can deliver the results that you are after.


If you are looking for a bespoke podcast booking agency,

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