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Boom Podcast Agency


Boom Podcast Agency is a female-run podcast booking agency that specialises in helping female entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and women in business reach a wider audience.


We will work with you to ensure that your opinions and expertise are heard loud and clear by the people who matter most.  We understand the importance of having a strong presence in the podcast world, and we’re passionate about helping you reach that goal.  We also understand that you don't want to be treated like just another podcast guest so we invest time in getting to know you and your podcast goals.  Through our service, we can take care of everything involved in being a guest on a podcast - you just need to show up and be amazing.


With our help,  your profile and business will explode.

At Boom Podcast Agency, we believe that exposure to the right audience brings opportunity. We help to propel your business growth as a podcast guest by connecting you to the right podcast hosts and audiences. 

We will work with you to create a tailored PR strategy that allows you to reach your target audience and generate meaningful growth for your business. With our help, you’ll be able to tell your story, build relationships, and increase your visibility.

Boom Podcast Agency
Boom Podcast Agency
Boom Podcast Agency

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Together we assess your message, market and strategy.  At Boom we will continue talking with you for the rest of your time with us.

We research extensively and talk to all the right people to get you featured on podcasts that best fit your ideal audience and goals.

We will be with you up to the point of recording with the best podcast hosts and even promote your episodes if you want.

Boom aims to be the only Podcast Agency you'll ever need

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